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Water Flossing

Waterpik is a water flosser with an orthodontic tip to help you easily clean your braces. First, fill the water flosser with lukewarm water and snap the flosser into place. Next, adjust the pressure control to your desired setting (we recommend starting at low pressure) and lean over the sink with the tip in your mouth. Once you turn on the unit, close your lips around the Waterpik and let the water flow from your mouth to the sink. Starting with a back tooth, aim the tip at your gum line and lightly floss, making sure to reach between the tooth and around the bracket. After you finish one tooth, move on to the next until you’ve flossed all teeth and brackets. What a simple way to keep your gums and teeth healthy while in braces.

Goby Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is the foundation of good oral care. Studies show that electric toothbrushes decrease more plaque buildup and incidences of gum disease than manual toothbrushes.

Goby electric toothbrush bristles rotate and oscillate to help remove plaque buildup from your teeth and gums. The key is to let the brush do most of the work.

Goby toothbrushes are particularly helpful for people with braces, as it makes brushing easier. The most important part of brushing your teeth is using proper technique. The best way to brush your teeth with a Goby toothbrush is: 

  1. Wet the brush head and apply a small amount of toothpaste.
  2. Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth and gums and push the on button. Gently and slowly move the brush across all tooth surfaces, including front, back and chewing surfaces, for two minutes. Goby has a built-in timer with 30-second prompts to inform you when it is time to switch to the next quadrant.
  3. Rinse your toothbrush and store it upright in the charger to air dry.

Tongue thrust exercises

Place your tongue in the resting position on the roof of your mouth where it is not touching your teeth. During your swallow, keep your tongue in the resting position on the roof of your mouth and do not let it touch your teeth. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Focus on keeping your tongue in the correct position during swallowing and at rest. Throughout the day repeat to achieve 60 reps per day.

This exercise can help promote proper tongue posture and swallowing patterns, which can be beneficial for those with speech or swallowing difficulties and help with teeth alignment.

If you associate your tongue posture exercises with a task, you are more likely to be successful in completing them. Example: Developing the habit of doing the exercises before and after eating each meal.


Dr. Gardner and his staff are wonderful. Our daughter is almost finished with her treatment and we are very pleased. Her experience has been nothing but positive and we are lucky to have this team in our town!

Shauna J.
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